New Years Resolutions 2010 (part 2)

So. I'll start to nail me down from February... Here is part 2 of my New Years Resolutions 2010 (minus January haha).

In 2010, I will...

6. have a job for just a few hours a week, so that I still have enough time for my friends, hobbies and...school.

7. photograph a lot more, for the memories. And, I will not run away each time someone wants to photograph me. (I don't have the source of the drawing, sorry!)

8. eat less candy.

9. read more books written by Dutch autors, so that I can put them on a list of books that I have to make for school.

10. be on time everywhere, but especially at school. Then, I don't have to race and I don't have to sit in front of the class.

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