The Beatles wearing funny outfits haha.


I want it:

The bookshelf by Sakura Adachi.

 David Garcia Studio’s mobile bookcase (Archive II)*



Haha Pippi is cool

I think the  last photo is edited.
Source: http://pippi-langkous.hyves.nl/


Foxtrot! Foxtrot! Foxtrot!

ext Monday and Tuesday, the school musical will be performed. I'm already a bit nervous ( I play in the orchestra/big band). May be I buy some new clothes. The dress code is black and a white bow.
The musical is written by Annie M.G. Schmidt (do you know Jip & Janneke) and Harry Bannink. 

I tried to translate a description:
" The story takes place in a guesthouse for revue artists in the ' 30. Josien, a girl from the provinces, is a new guest. She falls in love with gay singer Jules. And, even worse, she becomes pregnant by an unknown man. She uses abortus, tries to kill herself, but there is a happy ending.

It's a musical from the ' 70 with a lot of heavy topics, like abortus and homosexuality, in it. Although this sounds very sad, it's very funny and the songs are great.

A medley movie including the songs:

PS: Jip and Janneke.

Some pictures I took in Trier


Yesterday´s pancakes were really good. Tonight, I´m going out for dinner, because my mother is back home from her holiday.

(I took this picture from another blog, but I don't remember which one! If you now, please.)


My old, but deserving shoes:
My new stuff:

I love the weather yesterday, today and hopefully all week long!

During my Trier-trip I had a lot of ice-cream and yesterday I made my homework in the garden.
I had a iPod! And in Trier I bought new shoes, that's very logical if you know the shoes I was wearing...(I'll post a photo later.)

And all my marks that count for my exams are above 7,8!!! This afternoon I'll go climbing with a friend, bake pancakes and watch some tv.


Augusta Treverorum

This week I was off to Trier, a city in Germany. It was for a school excursion (Classical Cultural : we had to be the guide at various locations. This was my part. It's about fresco's made in the time of Constantine the Great.

That´s why I didn´t post blogs this week! I thought I had already post this blog...


Do you like these shoes?


Look at the bottom of this page if you like Franz Ferdinand...


Alice in Wonderland: about the costumes

The day before yesterday I wrote about Alice in Wonderland. I looked for nice video's about the costumes, but couldn't find them. Now I have!


Haha, funny intro.


H&M Garden Collection. It's made of recycled polyester and very light.

Happy Easter Monday!

The weather here a few weeks ago:

Alice in Wonderland

Yesterday I went to this movie. I saw it on a very big screen and in 3D.

The story was not that good. I think the end is a bit disappointing. But the movie looks beautiful. There are so much details to see: the costumes, the animals, the nature. Johnny Depp is great as a really mad Mad Hatter and there are a lot of crazy characters in 'Wonderland'.

(look at the eyes!)