Good news and bad news.

Let's start with the bad news: this will be one of the last posts, or the last post on this blog.
The good news: I've started a new blog. It will be almost the same as this blog, but it's on tumblr. I will post more photos and pictures.

Will you follow me?




Yesterday was a happy day. I shopped, cycled, swam, ate a lot of ice cream, watched the footballgame and saw no grumpy people. I watched the game with a girl who's mother is Brazilian, she was a little disappointed but not that much.=) I was an extra sweet victory, because we all thought we would lose.
The Netherlands-Brazil: 2-1!
Now we are in the semi finals!
We will have to play against Urugay...

The hole country was so happy, watch this! I found it at The BellJar