Simple is the best

Recently I found this website on another blog. Full of simple but nice desktops. For some calmness.


Le Concert

Tonight, I saw this movie. I went there with my parents; they both cried at the end. And yes... I had some tears too. It's a French/Russian comedy/drama. A wonderful movie!

Wikipedia says:
"A former world-famous leader of the Bolshoï, known as "The Maëstro", Andreï Filipov has seen his career publicly broken by Brejnev and now works as a cleaner. One day, he intercepts an official invitation from the prestigious Théâtre du Châtelet. He reunites his old orchestra, now composed of old alcoholic musicians, and flies to perform in Paris and complete the Tchaikovsky concerto interrupted 30 years earlier."



35 and a half hours

The time I've got left until school starts again.

                What will I do? Hmm...

Edit Marie Antoinette: CONTRAST

I added something to the blog I wrote in January.

Girl with...

© Hendrik Kerstens

Dutch photographer made photos of his daughter Paula. They are so beautiful! They reminded me of Jan Vermeer's Girl with a pearl earing.


It's raining again, cozy

Wednesday I went shopping with a friend. I bought this dress (Yes or No) and bag (second-hand). It's exactly what I needed, and only 17,50 euros together!
Also, we went to the cinema to see Valentine's Day. I think it's a nice film, but not very special, just entertainment. There are a lot of famous actors and actresses in it. It reminds me of New York, I love you, but Valentine's Day is happier and clearer, and a little bit more superficial.
Funny fact: Taylor Laughter and Taylor Swift play a couple in this film.


I've never had such a sportive holiday! Almost everyday I went climbing or running. I haven't been running since January (NO New Year's resolution!) 2010. Now I'm picking up my Nikes again...

Celebration of Happiness

Boss Orange made this fragrance necklace. The fragrance in it is 'Celebration of Happiness', limited edition.
It's cool, but I don't know where I can buy it, Ebay? Haha. I would be nice if you could refill it. Maybe I can make something like this myself...



A mistake keeps Sven Kramer of his second gold in Vancouver. He exchanged wrong. The gold for the South Korean Lee Seung-hoon. Sven was faster, but his trainer made him confused. It's so sad! I hope Sven and his trainer Kempers reconcile with each other.

Source: http://nos.nl/os2010/artikel/139284-blunder-sven-kramer-goud-lee.html


Miss Piggy dressed by Marc Jacobs

Love, Peace and Ice cream

Train trouble

Yesterday's evening, I went climbing with my best friend, but we took a train in the wrong direction.Yeah, that is véry stupid. This train was fifteen minutes too late and we stepped out when we found out this wasn't the right train. We waited for another train to go back, but forgot to buy new tickets. Luckily, nobody found out (uhm...although, I was talking very loud about this in the compartment). We decided to go home and today, we'll try again this afternoon.

Want to learn Chinese?

I can't learn Chinese at school, but this is my solution!



Haha, I was confused.

I hear the birds sing


The Good and The Bad

The Dutch ELLE gave the March-issue the name: Fashion Bible (Modebijbel). This extra big issue has two covers: an innocent girl in white (angel?) and a woman in black (demon?). The model is Bregje Heinen, a Dutch model and she is photographed by Alique.
Which cover do you like the most? I don't know...



I love every single item of this label, seriously! But I think I need a job if I want to buy something (my parents give me 85 euros every month for clothes and other stuff).
Now, I'm going to sleep.


Valentine and food

I've had one very sweet lolly on Valentine's Day. Yummy!

This is the recipe I made yesterday. It's healthy, easy, quick, nice etc...I could eat wraps every week.


Icy blog

t's cold here, but I love winters. 
Snow, skating, hot chocolate, etc...
But that doesn't mean that I'm not looking forward to the spring!



This night I'm going to the show of Micha Wertheim, a Dutch comedian.
An impression of his style (in Dutch):


Lena Hoschek Fall / Winter 2010
I don't have red lipstick! It's a shame...and I will buy it. Red lips always make me feel confident.

Source: Vogue.de


Smart crow


Sorry! I have a lot to do these days. After the rehearse-weekend I had, I was tired. Now I'm sporting and making homework ALL THE TIME (eh...almost). This weekend I putted on weight a lot, because the teachers didn't stop giving us food, haha.


Fancy dresses

7 days of school

You won't believe it! I will spend my entire weekend at school. There, I will rehearse for the school musical, so it's not that bad. The musical is called Foxtrot, and written by Annie M.G. Schmidt and Harry Bannink.

 And on Sunday, I'll see my new grandniece.