Good news and bad news.

Let's start with the bad news: this will be one of the last posts, or the last post on this blog.
The good news: I've started a new blog. It will be almost the same as this blog, but it's on tumblr. I will post more photos and pictures.

Will you follow me?




Yesterday was a happy day. I shopped, cycled, swam, ate a lot of ice cream, watched the footballgame and saw no grumpy people. I watched the game with a girl who's mother is Brazilian, she was a little disappointed but not that much.=) I was an extra sweet victory, because we all thought we would lose.
The Netherlands-Brazil: 2-1!
Now we are in the semi finals!
We will have to play against Urugay...

The hole country was so happy, watch this! I found it at The BellJar



Yesterday, I made this fruity salad with chicken. Again a recepy from the Albert Heijn website (Albert Heijn is a supermarket in the Netherlands) It was fresh!

Today, I'll spend the day canoeing with my schoolclass, to say 'goodbye' (this is the last schoolday =D ). It wil be around 22 °C!

PS: A sketch about Albert Heijn


Hup Holland Hup (4)

The Netherlands-Slovakia: 2-1!
Now we are in the 1/4 finals!
We will have to play against Brazil...
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Made by Danny Roberts from Igor + André

I wish I made this

but I couldn't find how did. It's exactly the way I like it. 

Haha it's true

Diane Birch & Alain Clark

Do you remember? A few weeks ago, I wrote about Diane Birchs song Valentino.
She recorded a duet with the Dutch singer Alain Clark. It is on his new (incredible relaxing) album 'Colorblind'. If you like Prince or Stevie Wonder, this is is a bit like their music (may I say that?)


Running blog nr. 1/14

Finally! Yesterday evening I went running in my neighbourhood. It was an intervaltraining like this:

2 minutes of running
1 minute of walking
3 minutes of running
2 minutes of walking
6 minutes of running
2 minutes of walking
6 minutes of running
2 minutes of walking
7 minutes of running
2 minutes of walking

I could do it and it was actually not that bad. The temperature was perfect and I was listening to nice music. Currently, I'm following a scheme. I still have to complete 13/28 of the scheme. In the end I have to be able to run 5 km in 30 minutes.


Hup Holland Hup (3)

The Netherlands-Cameroon: 2-1!
Now we are in the 1/8 finals!

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The Fab Four

I'm not going to write a quality article about The Beatles (I don't think I could do better than all those billions of people who wrote books about them). So just some photos that made me smile.

Charlie McDonell

Do you know this Video-Blogger? I didn't until now, although he is the most subscribed YouTuber in the UK, with over 350,000 regular viewers! He makes quite interesting videos. So interesting that I didn't do my homework at all (that is also due to the beautiful wheater, the strecher in my garden and the dull school books). The videos are really, really funny! You can watch them here (his website) or here (his YouTube Chanel).

A random video of his, not totally random, because I like people with red hair, but ok:

PS: I know I should really make the page wider so you can see the whole video (and improve my English =D). I will do this in my holiday, cause I'm not very experienced in Blogger.



and only 4 days of school left!
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Hup Holland Hup (2)

The Netherlands-Japan: 1-0!
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