Do you know In Between Dreams? It's one of my favourite blogs. I found the following picture on it, awl!


Want Want - Kip Paard Koe

The song is about a chicken, horse, cow and farming. Now I am happy, although my test didn't went so well.


Mumford & Sons

They make me happy. I'm sure I will post more about these guys!

Tests, tests, tests


Next week I'll have some tests that count for my exam, so I'll won't post that much.


Teddy Bears

These clothes look so comfortable! It's Chloe. The photos are from The Cherry Blossom Girl.



Photos by Bela Borsodi



This man, Edward Hill,  made my day. I can't get the music out of my head. He's a bit creepy, but funny too.


Colourful eyes

Wow! I love this make-up. So happy and dreamy.


YEAH (2)

Yes! My neighborhood has won a can Ben&Jerry's per house! Last year, each house won two cans, but to win two years in a row is very special. The brand is not that cheap, so I don't buy it a lot.

And while Ben&Jerry's have lanced a brand new delicious and fair-trade flavour, I would like to take this one.
It's called (cold, haha...OK that's not funny) Fairly Nuts. This is a caramel ice cream with a caramel swirl and praline almond clusters. Yummy.



Little Layout Problems

Today, I don't have time to fix them. Soon this blog will look HOT!

Deux Saisons

This morning when I cycled to school, the snowflakes were falling down, but now the sun is shining again!

When my feet are cold, I like to lay my socks on the heater, so they get very warm. It looks a bit weird, but works perfect.

And I bought a new dashing (?) skirt at the H&M. That's the spring part of this blog!


Katy Perry = Smurfin

Director Raja Gosnell is working on a new (3D) movie, The Smurfs. And guess who will do Smurefette's voice? Katy Perry! I won't go to that movie, but I think her voice is perfect.

(Like her playsuit by the way, and it's smurfblue...)

Useless, but cute


Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You

I love Peggy Lee's song. Gramophonedzie has used it for a sample. I like the result!

The original song:

This is SO cool!

Again, I couldn't resist the urge to post something from Design*Sponge.


I just thought, these dresses resemble a bit,

and I wanted to share it (that rhymes...!)


16:00 Tea Time

Mmmm! Melted Côte d' Or and Vata tea!


This dress and I: ♥


H&M skirt for men!

Ehm. What can I say?

Lovely Chanel & BUMBA!

So sweet, this stop-motion video by Stephen Smith (for V-magazine).

Source: http://nenz.web-log.nl/
I got a weird feeling watching this video. Even if you don't like the music, try the video!

Little song I made


2 March: the day I felt Spring was coming back! And I don't have homework for today (friday maths...).
So I'll be playing the cello this afternoon.

By the way, I made a dress that was to small into a skirt, the result:


Vintage Umbrella

The German group The Baseballs became famous with their rock `n roll versions of modern hits, in the style of the 60s. This song made me so happy.