Foxtrot! Foxtrot! Foxtrot!

ext Monday and Tuesday, the school musical will be performed. I'm already a bit nervous ( I play in the orchestra/big band). May be I buy some new clothes. The dress code is black and a white bow.
The musical is written by Annie M.G. Schmidt (do you know Jip & Janneke) and Harry Bannink. 

I tried to translate a description:
" The story takes place in a guesthouse for revue artists in the ' 30. Josien, a girl from the provinces, is a new guest. She falls in love with gay singer Jules. And, even worse, she becomes pregnant by an unknown man. She uses abortus, tries to kill herself, but there is a happy ending.

It's a musical from the ' 70 with a lot of heavy topics, like abortus and homosexuality, in it. Although this sounds very sad, it's very funny and the songs are great.

A medley movie including the songs:

PS: Jip and Janneke.

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