New Years Resolutions 2010 (part 1)

Last year I didn't had good intentions (gna gna), but now it seems like a nice idea. I started writing down all the things I would like to improve, but while I was doing that, ideas kept coming up in my head. Finally, I had a list including 15 good intentions.
I thought it would be smart to put these things on the web; when they are public, the pressure is a little bit higher.
Now I can present part one of the list, tadaa!
In 2010, I will...
1. make my homework when I come home after school, and not when I want to go to bed.
2. talk louder and articulate better.
3. keep my room decently (or decent?) and I will clean it on Sunday when that's necessary. Here you can see one of the tragic moments I didn't do this:
4. play the cello for half an hour on Monday, Thirsday and Wednesday. On Saturday and Sunday I will play three quarters.
5. take my own sandwiches to school, instead of buying unhealhty snacks in the canteen.

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